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Other Flurry Foals

Camairyn Coleridge
2001 halfbred colt by
*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Bailey 
(QH) owned by Amy Goodloe of
Camairyn Connemaras

Mahalia and Sprucewood Independence

Mahalia (TB) and her 1999 half bred Filly
Sprucewood Independence
Bred by Russ and Cindy Cramer of Larkspur, CO

Summer Music and Sprucewood Silver Fox

Summer Music (Arab) and her 1999 half bred
Colt Sprucewood Summer Fox
Bred by Russ and Cindy Cramer of Larkspur, CO

1998 purebred gelding Fallon of Hawk Shadow
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Dae Shar's Little Heather) owned by Michelle Carmony of Littleton, Colorado

1998 purebred filly Blueoak Clina
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Hope Creek Heart of the Sunrise) Owned by Maureen Mathisen, Red Bluff, California

Half bred Filly Flurry's Spring Breeze (*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X April's Fool)
owned by Cheryl Gehrig, Bennet, CO

Evynstarr Metro
2000 grey gelding
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Tower Hills Clarion) owned by Raelin Schenck of Evynstarr Connemaras, New Orleans, LA

3 day old Sprucewood Filly
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Mahalia, TB)
owned by Cindy Cramer, Larkspur, CO

Sprucewood Devlin
2000 half bred Colt
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Summer Music - Arab)

Camairyn Dairine
2001 dark dun Connemara filly
out of Tower Hills Fiona. Owned by Amy Goodloe
Camairyn Connemaras

Doe Valley Ceona
2000 purebred Filly
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Hideaway's Irish Mist)

(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Misty, QH)
2001 half-bred filly owned by Gillian White, Wyoming

Doe Valley Maighe
2001 purebred Filly
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Wintermist Sweet Shannon)

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