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Wildwych Fire and Ice


Introducing the newest of the fabulous Flurry/Glynnis foals:  
Wildwych Fire and Ice
2001 Purebred Connemara colt

Wildwych Fire and Ice is the 2001 edition of the fabulous Flurry/Glynnis foals.  All have been super movers and dynamite athletes.  Every year they are the foals with the sweetest temperaments.  Ice is the latest of these foals.

From his huge hip and body to his enormous bone, Ice is a pony with "power" written all over him.  He moves with a tremendous, long stride that makes me think of eventing.  He's brave and bold, so he should have the mind for eventing too.  He's one of those "spook proof" Connemaras, but with plenty of energy, so he's capable of anything.  This is a Connemara who will find the sky is the limit if he goes as a performance mount.  And if he goes as a best friend, he'll be a better friend than you thought a horse could be.

Ice is expected to mature near 14.2H.  He is offered as a gelding and will be available at weaning.

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