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Several of the Alumni listed on this page, have their own pages showing photos of them as they have grown and matured.  Please click on a picture to go to that specific pony's page.  Thanks.



Wildwych Earl Grey Hot

1999 purebred gelding, 
(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Ballywhim Glynnis) owned by Reed Rinnert of McLeod, MT

Wildwych Luna

1999 purebred filly (*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Tower Hills Fiona) owned by Amy Goodloe of Camairyn Connemaras  Loveland, CO


Wildwych Zephyr

1999 half bred gelding  (*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X Nica)  Owned by Sarah Gambell of Glenwood Springs, CO


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